Mosquito Treatment

We are often asked with skepticism “can your mosquito treatment really keep my yard free of mosquitos?” After trying it one time residents of Lexington and Columbia are believers of a mosquito free yard because we know how to get rid of mosquitos.

Don’t let mosquitoes control your outdoor family fun and social events. Mosquitoes carry diseases that can affect us and our four legged friends.

Planning a special outdoor event? Lamp’s Pest Solutions can also apply a one-time mosquito treatment to ensure you and your guests enjoy a pest-free event. Our mosquito treatments are odor-free and safe for humans and pets.

Covered Pests


How It Works

We talk to you to gain insight, We inspect around the house for pest evidence, Look for ways the pests gain access to your home, and Look for conducive conditions for pests.

Best of all, it leaves no odors!

Treatment Options

  • Liquid Treatment around the foundation and windows and doors
  • Outdoor Event Treatment

Available Programs

  • One Time Pest Treatment
  • Quarterly Pest Treatments
  • Monthly Pest Treatments
  • Fully Customized Treatment Plan

We received same day service! Rick thoroughly explained the process and products he used to help with our issue. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Definitely recommend his services.

Natasha P.

Rick from lamps pest solutions was awesome. We had a bed bug issue in our home and couldn't figure out how we got them. Rick made it a point to come out within 24 hours because we had little children in the home. He walked us through the treatment process, showed us how to prep the home for treatment, then came out and treated three different times. It's been a few weeks now and we are pest free.

Gene B.

Explained every possible course of action to us to resolve our ant insurgency, and after explaining the benefits of all, told us which he felt would be the best in the long run. The price was reasonable when compared to the thought of having to replace groceries and purchase more pesticides. AND it was a Saturday morning. We were thankful to have called Rick because he made us feel like we weren't alone and that he was going to help get our problem taken care of.

Barret G.

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