General Pest Control

Our treatment is not the average general pest control treatment where a guy just sprays poison out of a can and leaves. Lamp's Pest Solutions provide SOLUTIONS to your pest control problems in Lexington and Columbia South Carolina. Our SOLUTIONS to your general pest control problems start off not with a can of poison but with an inspection.

Lamps Pest Solutions

The Initial General Pest Control Inspection

We talk to you the customer to gain insight

We look for signs in the house of pests

Inspect around the house for pest evidence

Look for ways pest gain access to your home

Look for conducive conditions for pest

General Pest Control Includes






Pill bugs

Black Widow Spiders


One Time Pest Control

Quarterly Pest Control Treatments

Monthly Pest Control Treatments

Customized Treatment Plans For Your Specific Needs

All Pest Control Treatments are not the Same

InspectionInside Treatment if wanted

Liquid Treatment around the foundation and windows and doors

Granular Treatment around foundation

Treatment of Crawlspace

Attic Treatment (if needed)

Liquid Treatment around the foundation and windows and doors

Granular Treatment around foundation

Our mission is very simple. We want to keep your home or business pest free

Being a family owned and operated company Lamps Pest Solutions prides itself on excellent customer service, not to mention our services are very effective and priced fairly. All initial services include interior as well as exterior inspections to find the source of the infestation. We advise on sanitation and structural issues which may be contributing to the pest issue, We use only products which are registered with the EPA. Treatments are designed to prevent and exclude pest from getting inside your home or business GUARANTEED !!!

We are a full-service pest control company providing quality service to residential, industrial, and commercial clients in South Carolina. Lamps Pest Solutions expert technicians are dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee