Flea Treatments

Why should I use Lamp's to get rid of fleas in my home?

I would strongly suggest leaving it to a Pest Management Professionals like Lamp's, since they have the understanding of the life cycle and habits of fleas which makes a big difference in an effective treatment. We also know what and how to apply for safe effective results

The heat and humidity in Columbia SC this year has caused many of us to call out fleas fleas how do I get rid of them in my home.

Just wander through any of the big box stores, grocery stores not to mention the online stores and you will be confused with flea product claiming to get rid of fleas including powders, ready to use liquids, spray cans, flea bombs, and liquid concentrate, products designed only for exterior or interior flea treatment. The manufacturer of these products and their marketing gurus often present their merchandises as a cheap and simple solution.

I can assure you a safe and effective flea treatment is not simple and buying store bought flea products is not always the cheapest route to go. After performing many flea treatments in Lexington SC / Columbia SC for those which have already spent considerable time and money on treatments (yes often many treatments) that just did not work.

We have the Expertise in Flea Control

Lamp's Pest Solutions offers comprehensive, personalized home and yard treatments to stop infestations at their source instead of temporarily calming the problem. We know how to get rid of fleas in the house and we know how to control outdoor fleas. First, our licensed technicians will inspect your home and your home's environment to identify the scope of the problem and determine the best course of action. With extensive experience in Flea Pest Control Service, we have a ample understanding of where they are likely to nest, and the best way to get rid of them for good.

Effective Flea Control Starts with Preparation

In order to have a successful Flea Treatment we have learned it is very important to follow the steps on this list. Please do not skip any of them as it might cause the treatment to be unsuccessful or take longer to control your flea problem.


  • Vacuum all Floors- carpets, vinyl, tile, hardwoods, In bathroom, under beds, in closets, under furniture.
  • Pick up all toys, books, magazines, pet toys, shoes, clothing, stuffed animals, light furniture, hampers. the more off the floor the better.
  • Mop all floors not carpeted (as well as vacuuming these areas).
  • Items may be placed on beds but please do not place on sofas or upholster chairs.
  • Vacuum sofas and upholster chairs making sure to get under cushions. You are trying to vacuum up all the different stages of fleas as well as their droppings (looks like black pepper).
  • Wash and dry all pet bedding, throw rugs which can be safely laundered.
  • Pick up all water and food bowls for pets as well as litter boxes.
  • Aquariums must be turned off and covered.
  • Make a mental note of where your pets spend most of their time inside.
  • Plan to be out of the house until the treatment zone has dried (about four hours)All people, dogs, cats, birds, all aquariums need to be turned off and covered
  • Have dogs/cats treated for fleas the same day as treatment.

  • Pick all toys and other items outside (On deck, porches and in yard)
  • Mow yard and trim yard
  • Pick up all water and food bowls for pets.
  • Pet bedding must be cleaned or thrown away.
  • Make a mental note of where your pets spends most of its time outside.
  • Plan to be off of the yard and deck until the treatment zone has dried
  • Pick up all water and food bowls for pets as well as litter boxes.
  • Have dogs/cats treated for fleas the same day as treatment.
  • Our number one priority is your family's and pets safety and comfort as we exterminate the flea infestation