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Don't let the Bed Bug Bite is not just a nursery rhyme saying at night time anymore. Bed bug bites are a serious and increasing concern for many in the Columbia and Lexington area.

Fortunately, a bedbug problem is entirely controllable by Lamp's Pest Solutions. Using state of the art equipment and techniques, our licensed technicians will inspect your home's environment and construction to identify the problem and determine the best course of action. We are committed to providing a quick, affordable, and most importantly, effective solution to your pest problem, and we take every measure to protect you and your family's safety throughout the process. So whether you suspect you have a bedbug problem or just want to make sure you never get one, we have the expertise and training to get rid of your unwanted house guests, for good.

Why Lamp’s is the Brighter Choice for Bed Bug Control:

A. We know what kills bed bugs:

We understand an effective long term bedbug extermination treatment is not accomplished by just spraying bed bug chemical all over the house because some of these blood sucking pest have built up a tolerance to many of the insecticides we have access to today. Lamp’s uses a three prong approach to kill the unwanted visitors to your sleeping areas.

1. Heat Treatment
a. Steam
b. Steam penetrates to where bed bugs like to hide and kills all stages of bed bugs
2. Mechanical Removal:
a. Physically removing bed bugs and their eggs is performed at each location
3. Chemical Treatment:
a. We know what pesticides are the best for treatment
b. Products approved by the E.P.A. to control Bed Bugs

B. We know how to be discreet about your bed bug :

Even though bed bugs are not your fault it can be an embarrassing problem to many :
We understand and will deal very carefully with the issue :
We have the understanding of bed bugs to get the job done right.
Most important we work with you in order to have complete control:

Can You See Bed Bugs? What Do They Look Like:

Bedbug Size:
Mature bed bugs can reach a size of about 1/4 inch long. Babies range from 1.3 mm to 4-5 mm.
Bedbug Color:
Pre-fed adults bed bugs are darkish brown to a somewhat rusty brownish color. Well fed bloated bed bugs are red-brown color since they are blood filled after a meal. Baby bed bugs (Nymphs) are nearly transparent when they first hatch and become darker as they mature.
Bedbug Description:
Bed bugs are sometimes called “red coats”, “chinches”, or “wall lice”. The adult bed bug is a wingless six legged insect that is flattened body. Unfed bed bugs are flat and oval. Fed bed bugs become swollen and more elongated. Many people has described their appearance as a apple seed.

Where Can You Find Bed Bugs?:

Bedbug Habitat:
At the beginning of an infestation, bed bugs are likely to be found only in the tufts, seams, and folds of mattresses and bed covers. In areas of heavy infestation, bed bugs can be found in crevices in the bedsteads.

Bed Bug Eggs and Babies?:

Bedbug Life Cycle:
The life cycle stages of a bed bug are: Egg, Nymph, and Adult. The females lay about 450 eggs, usually at the rate of up to 5 per day, in cracks and crevices in the floor or bed, and the eggs attach to any hard surface. Newly hatched bed bugs begin feeding immediately. They shed their skin five times before becoming adults.
Bedbug – Type of Damage:
They feed principally on human blood by piercing the skin with a long beak and sucking blood into their stomachs. They feed mostly at night, but will feed during the day if hungry and the light is dim.
Bedbug Control:
In private homes, find all areas that bed bugs hide in during the day time. These must be treated with chemicals. In hotels, apartments, and other multiple-type dwelling places, bed bugs may spread from one unit to another using electrical wires and pipes as highways. All units should be inspected. Remove bird nests, if any.
Discovery Spots:
Usually discovered in unsuspected areas such as in floor cracks, under carpets, behind loose wallpaper or wall pictures, in books, CDs and electrical outlets.

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Do’s and Don’ts

Bedbug Do’s

  • DO take notice of yourself and other people in your household who have mysterious bites, welts or unexplained itching.
  • DO remove clutter, i.e. throw away unwanted materials. Bedbugs like wood and like to hide in clutter – clothes on floor, around bed, etc.
  • DO give a thorough inspection to your bedding area: i.e., night table, bed, dresser and box spring. Look for white to light brown castings (skins) of the bedbugs. Also look for tiny blood droppings on mattress tufts, behind picture frames, and all wooden objects in the bedroom.
  • DO communicate with your neighbors to learn the history of your apartment and building.
  • DO call Lamp’s Pest Solutions if you have any of the above symptoms: 803-414-0588.

Bedbug Don’ts

  • DO NOT panic and move. This will only prolong your suffering.
  • DO NOT move your bedroom set. Wherever you go, the bedbugs will follow.
  • DO NOT bomb or fog your apartment. You will send the bedbugs further into their hiding places, making them much harder to kill.
  • DO NOT attempt to treat bed bugs yourself. Chemicals used may be harmful to health if used incorrectly. Additionally, if bed bugs are not thoroughly treated, the situation will not improve and you end up wasting your time and money. Professional exterminators have certified knowledge, E.P.A approved chemicals that are restricted from public use, and the right mechanical tools to treat your infested property.

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Bedbug How’s and Why’s

How Bedbugs Feed

  • After grasping human skin with powerful forelegs, it sinks a feeder into the skin and injects saliva containing an anticoagulant.
  • After that, the blood sucking begins. It is not unusual for the bedbug to suck in as much as three times its weight in human blood.
  • The feast usually takes from 5 to 15 minutes.
  • Bites are often seen in a cluster of three linear bites, which used to go under the folksy moniker “breakfast, lunch, and dinner”.
  • The bedbug can move from room to room within hours, and can go Many months without feeding.

Why You Would Have Bedbugs?

  • Increase in global travel allows bed bug victims to carry these pests to areas that were once unaffected.
  • The ban of pesticides such as DDT — a chemical crucial to the eradication of bedbugs and malaria after World War II — has caused bugs to be difficult to be killed and infestations almost impossible to prevent.
  • Treatments for bedbugs are more extensive than treatments for any other pests.
  • Allowing used furniture and bedding into your home without a thorough inspection.

Bedbug Control and Pest Extermination Services Available for:
Columbia, SC area: Lexington, West Columbia, Irmo, Gaston, all of the midlands.

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